Saturday, September 19, 2009

I haven't updated in a while b/c i've been super busy with a mural i'm doing for a client friend of mine. her daughter loves horses and i painted this for her in four 4 hour days. i know, sometimes i amaze myself. i couldn't really get a great picture b/c the wall was pretty big so i just took pictures in little spots i liked. sarah picked out each horse which was a little intimidating since horses have so much personality in their faces, but she loves it, so i'm thrilled. i'd like to thank the guy at walmart that mixed my paint b/c the machine jammed like 5 times but he hung in there. thanks Loyd. (that sounds like a walmart paint guy name, right?)

this horse was my favorite, i'm not sure why, he's just a beauty.

last weekend june and nanna went to nashville. june pronounces 'hotel' with such an adorable southern accent. muffins in bed, yum.

The lady that i did the mermaid painting for requested two little canvases to go with it for her daughter's bathroom.