Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i've been neglecting my blog but i have a few projects i am ready to share with the world. first of all, the next little vacation in store for me is the yoga retreat i go to in Howenwald, TN every November. We have to take waterbottles with us everywhere b/c it's all about cleansing and detox with sauna's and whatnot, so the idea just came to me to make a water-bottle tote. i've been quilting lately so that inspired me to make it quilty.

The big project has been June's Halloween costume. "I want to be a carebear!" june exclaimed. Of course i couldn't find a store-bought costume so i just made a pink furry bear. june picked out the fabric. i can only hope that june doesn't have a heat stroke b/c it's pretty thick. she looks so freakin cute in it!!

I did another painting to hang in the bathroom at Eston. By the way, i sold the one of the poppies so this little tree will be replacing it.

June has been playing playdoh alot lately. we had some black playdoh for halloween and I asked june what i could make that is black and she said sunny our dog. i had to show the incredible resemblance of dog and tiny dog.hehe!!!

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