Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i've been neglecting my blog and i appoligize to my one avid know who you are. the first thing i want to share is a garden tote i made from a tutorial on it turned out really cute. i'd like to thank my dad for letting me print the 17 pages of directions on his work computer.

the next thing i want to share is a shirt i bought june at the children's sale at the agricenter for $1. it was just a plain shirt so of course i had to slap on applique on that beast. i have had an abnormal addiction to owls lately. they make for the cutest little cartoons plus they remind me of my girl scout leader from when i was a kid. she used to collect owls and she had like a 1oo of them in her house. i would love to find a cruel embroidery kit with a very 70s owl to create.

i also help my friend diana nicholas decorate cake for her little cake business she runs out of her house. one of my friends shannon's little boy turned one and she wanted a bathtub cake with ducks. i made the ducks and the faucets and the bubbles out of fondant. it's really fun to work with b/c it's like sculpting with yummy clay.

my favorite thing i've made lately has been this fleece hoodie i made for june. she tried it on the first time for my husband matt. "you look so cute junebug" he said. to which june threw off the hood and said " it's just me, it was me the whole time" i'm guessing she thought it was an owl costume. i have to confess that i have a button obsession and the buttons really tickled my fancy. i have such a love of the 70s and these remind me of the bakelite buttons that were so popular at that time.

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  1. YAY! A new post!! What's the deal with backwards?