Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my first post

so i'm addicted to looking at crafty blogs. i am always hungry for ideas to create and decorate and embellish and applique and you get the idea. if you know me you might feel the tendency to ask me, WHat are you working on right now and i usually have about five or six projects going and a novel halfway read. don't ask how i do it, it just works for me. right now i have a dress i need to hem for my mom's neighbor, a pair of cowboy pajamas for junebug, and a shirt dress, skirt and handbag (all separate) items. I have about 50 pages left on my last sookie stackhouse novel (1of 9) and i think that's about it. i hope to be able to post pictures on here of things i am working on and what the finished project is. We'll see how this blogging thing goes. i was so jealous of my friend Jen's blog i just had to have one.


  1. Don't be jealous! You can be cool like I am too!! :)

  2. Janie and I checked our your blog.....of course we like it. I tried to upload a picture of June as my profile photo but it wouldn't work....something about the file being too large. We like everything you've posted. Your are soooo "Crafty" Luv ya!!

  3. You are the most talented crafty lady I've ever seen. LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!