Saturday, August 22, 2009

what is the deal with the name?

so, i'm sure you are wondering why i call myself the craft lady of steel. there used to be a game show on style network a few years ago that was like a crafting Iron Chef. Contestants were given a secret ingredient (like a ton of pipe cleaners or a big pile of feathers) and they had a limited time to make something out of the supplies. Whoever won that round would go up against the craft lady of steel. She was this uberbiatch that Never smiled and was a very serious crafter. nobody hardly ever beat her b/c i'm sure she knew the "secret" ingredient. I KNOW if i ever went up against her i would be crowned the new Craft lady of steel. i think i might possibly have been the only person to ever watch that show and i think it nearly lasted a season but i really liked it.

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